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Top carcase award to Bottlesford

A stella performance in the Royal Adelaide Show Carcase Competition has seen a Bottlesford steer awarded the highest scoring Murray Grey Carcase. ...more

$12,000 tops Beef week sales

The 2018 stud open day again attacted strong interest from a steady flow of visitors on the day. The Koopmans sold Murray Grey bulls to a top of $12,000 for a three quarter share in Bottlesford Mocha. ...more

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Bottlesford Joyce E34

Bottlesford Rocky  (1st class 510 Export Steer)

BottelsfordTassies Teddy (1st Class 403 Heavy Domestic Steer)





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Bulls for Sale

Most Successful Exhibitor Royal Adelaide Show 2019

Our congratulations and thanks to all exhibitors showcasing Bottlesford genetics at this year's Royal Adelaide Show 

Bottlesford Maryann N18, Reserve Senior Champion Female RAS 2019

Bottlesford Pewter,  Reserve Junior Champion Bull RAS 2019

Bottlesford Cristy P29,  Reserve Junior Champion Female RAS 2019


Most Successful Exhibitor Royal Adelaide Show 2018

Bottlesford Maryann N18, Junior Champion Female RAS 2018


Bottlesford Millionstars,  Reserve Senior Champion Bull RAS 2018


Bottlesford Showgirl N32,  Reserve Junior Champion Female RAS 2018


exhibited by Tracey, Andrew and Dylan Caire


Top priced Beef Week bull Bottlesford Mocha selling for $12,000.                 

Junior Champion Female RAS 2017             


Royal Adelaide Show 

Supreme All Breeds Champion Female


Participants at the Barrossa Grazing Group Better Bull Selection Workshop held at Bottlesford 


Senior and Grand Champion Female, and Supreme Murray Grey Exhibit 2015


Junior Champion Female 2015



Most Successful Exhibitor Royal Adelaide Show 2014

Senior and Grand Champion Female 2014


Reserve Senior Champion Female 2014         Reserve Junior Champion Female 2014


 Reserve Junior Champion Bull 2014


 Most Successful Exhibitor Royal Adelaide Show 2013

Junior and Grand Champion Female 2013


 Most Successful Exhibitor Royal Adelaide Show 2011 

Senior and Grand Champion Female 2011

Bottlesford Joyce E34


Junior Champion Female 2011                     Reserve Junior Champion Female 2011

 Bottlesford Cristy F38    Bottlesford Carrie F37


Royal Adelaide Show Supreme Exhibit 2010

Senior and Grand Champion Female 2010

 Monterey Joyce D219